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We've had a tremendous amount of support here at the The Underground Book Swap. Check out what people are saying.

" I just sold my ECE 211 book through your book swap online thing. Way to be seriously the coolest person on this campus!"

"I just wanted to thank you for having the balls to step up and do what's right, and not let B&N and IIT screw us over. Just wanted to shout out a little thanks and encouragement."

" I came across your fantatic site from an upperclassman and I think it's really far out that you are "sticking it to the man."  right on.  Now I have an armful of cheap books... and it feels like christmas.  Thanks."

There is now functionality in your book management page that allows you to mark a book as "sold" without removing it from your list of books. This way, we will be able to keep track of how many books we have sold, and how much money we've prevented the dogs at B&N from taking from us. We'll have capitalism on our campus one way or the other ;-)

The Underground Book Swap has helped IIT students earn back $5090

Thanks again for your support,
The Underground Book Swap Staff.

Newest Book Swap Postings
Chinese Language and Culture
by Cheng & Tsui
Communications 123$15
Java 6 Illuminated - With CD
by Julie Anderson, Herve J. Franceschi
Computer Science 115$40
You Just Don\'t Understand
by Deborah Tannen
Sociology 308$10
Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
by Amos Gilat and Vish Subramaniam
MMAE 350$80
Investing in Innovation: Creating a Research and I
by Lewis M. Branscomb
Political Science 332$5
Single Variable Calculus
by Stewart
Math 151$150
Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
by David Hume
Humanities 104$6
Chemistry : Molecular Naure of Matter and Change
by Silberberg
Chemistry 124$150
Humanities $10
brock biology of microorganisms
by madigan
Biology 210$50

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